Gerald Drißner has been collecting interesting facts about Arabic grammar, vocabulary and expressions, hints and traps for more than fifteen years.

Gerald has studied Arabic solely in Arab countries. That is why he explains Arabic and Islam from the Arab perspective, thereby filling the gaps between the Western and Arab approaches.

He has developed a new way of presenting Arabic grammar  and uses interesting questions which provide a deeper understanding of the language.

His books on Arabic grammar were recommended by the King’s College London.


C. Townsend

Break free of the limits you have placed on your Arabic and embrace the language on its own terms.

Y. Lu

Every serious Arabic learner should get a copy of this — whenever I have a question the book has an answer to it.


cornucopia of Arabic grammar terms you will not find any Standard Arabic Grammar book very clearly explained.


Explains the nitty-gritty of the language in away that will encourage a student to learn a challenging language like Arabic

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