Self-publishing house: pochemuchka book

Who is behind pochemuchka?

Gerald Drißner (, born in 1977, is an award-winning journalist and book author who currently lives in Berlin, Germany. He grew up in a mountain village in the Austrian Alps and holds a master’s degree in economics (Diplom-Volkswirt).

Gerald has been studying Arabic since 2006 solely in Arab countries. In 2015, he founded the blog Arabic for Nerds – a home for anyone who is passionate about the Arabic language.

Gerald is running pochemuchka (a self publishing company) and publishes books about Arabic and Islam under this label.

Gerald Drißner

What does pochemuchka mean?

pochemuchka (почемучка) is a Russian word which roughly translates as a person who asks too many questions.

You pronounce it like počemúčka.

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