Islam for Nerds

Islamic history and anecdotes are part of everyday conversation in the Arab world.

This book provides a fascinating journey into one of the biggest and probably most misinterpreted religions via anecdotes and facts about Islam and its history, the Qur’an, the prophet Muhammad and his traditions, the Dos and Don’ts for Muslims, and how Islam spread around the world, summarized in 500 ques­tions and answers, which the author has derived from his own experiences.

The author has lived in North Africa and the Middle East for ten years and immersed himself in Islamic culture and society.

He gradually learned the things kids in the Arab world already know, but most people in other parts of the world never heard of, by talk­ing to his neighbors, teachers, scholars and ordinary people in the street.

Islam for Nerds 1

This book explains Islam in its complexity. The author also addresses current topics: Islam in the West, women’s issues and Jihad. It can be read without knowing Arabic. However, the author provides the fully vocalized Arabic source in addition to the English translation, which may be beneficial for Arabic speaking readers.

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5.0 out of 5 stars I really enjoyed reading this book

I really enjoyed reading this book. It's very succinct and a great primer for someone who wants a quick and easily digestible book on Islam. The author discusses quirky cases in Islamic practice and law that make this all the more enjoyable. This is a book both regular people and nerds will enjoy.

John Honohan December 25, 2017
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